Tuesday, August 5, 2014

OOTW: July 16th

Top: J Crew | Shorts: Banana Republic | Shoes: Lands End | Bag: LV Neverfull

Tee: J Crew | Skirt: self-made | Shoes: Lotta from Stockholm | Bag: LV Neverfull

Counting Down: the days until my summer classes end! We're on our last week already!

Just Discovered: Tradesy. Have you guys heard of this site before? Me either. So let me share the love: it's like ebay-meets-etsy-meets-poshmark, with every flavor of pre-loved and NWT items you can imagine-- from high-end designers to J Crew. I've become a leeetle obsessed, and have been stalking the Louis Vuitton listings for the past two weeks. I've even listed a few items of my own to sell!

Anxiously Awaiting: the fruits of my stalking labor! I managed to score a vintage Louis Vuitton cross-body bag for just over $300!! Fingers-crossed that it looks as good in-person as it did in the photos (though I'm not too worried because Tradesy guarantees every purchase for accuracy and authenticity). 

Shameless Plug: you're more than welcome to click thru my referral link for Tradesy!

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