Monday, June 2, 2014

8 years ago today.......

We went with a nature/green theme, and I loved how my flowers didn't really have a "color" but just reflected the green of the surroundings. 

We got married on a covered bridge over a stream that was in a nature center in my home town. It was beautiful, lush, and green, and was one of my favorite places to spend a quiet afternoon growing up. It meant a lot to be married there. We also held Child's baptism in the same spot (only a year later!)

Ok, cheesey pose, but I would still pick out my dress again if I was going shopping for a wedding dress today. I loved it for it's simplicity and it was so comfortable to wear!

My Man of Honor, my best friend. 

Loved the way my hair turned out! (I actually took a photo from a J Crew catalog to my hair dresser to recreate the style!)


  1. Lovely photos . . . and you are so blond!

  2. Happy anniversary! You looked just beautiful and what a lovely outdoor space to get married in! And here's to many many more. :)

  3. Beautiful, was it a JCrew dress? I got married in the Jcrew Vivian dress. Similar column gown.

  4. So pretty! I love that you got married on a covered bridge... that's just so cool! Happy Anniversary!

  5. Beautiful bride, dress, and setting. Happy Anniversary!

  6. Thanks for the well-wishes ladies! It does--but it doesn't, seem that long ago! I kind of don't want to think it's been that long because it makes me feel older! :)


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