Monday, April 14, 2014

OOTD: 3/20/14

Top: Joe Fresh via JCP, sz. small
Skirt: Talbots Pleated Full Skirt, sz. 2
Shoes: BC Foootwear 'Winners Circle'
Scarf: Moschino
Bag: LV Neverfull

So, so glad that this is a short work week. I am beyond ready for the semester to be over. I've been suffering from a lack of energy and motivation lately. I can get still things done for work and around the house, but only what is absolutely necessary and only to the level of "good enough," which for this perfectionist is rather bothersome (though apparently not bothersome enough to step it up any). 

Since the beginning of Spring is supposed to signify a fresh start and new growth, I'm hoping the Easter Bunny will leave a big helping of motivation in my basket! (and chocolate. of course chocolate.)


  1. What a pretty, feminine skirt! My kids haven't had their Spring break yet. Which is really fine with me since we have snow on the ground again today! So, finally at the end of the week we will get a break from homework and such, and maybe I can get some motivation back, because I've been feeling it too (or the lack thereof!). Although, my daughter has to study for a final and AP test (European history, I know you're a history teacher and she loves it), and my son has some projects (ugh!). Summer will be here soon enough!

    1. Yes--it seems that when the kids have homework, that means we do too! Sometimes I hardly have time to grade my own papers, let alone Child's worksheets. I'm so glad to have a an extended weekend for Easter. And Child's teacher was kind enough to not send any homework for the break too! Hooray!


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