Tuesday, May 28, 2013

OOTD: 5/15/13 -Johnnie B (Boden) Floaty Top

Sweater: Lands End Canvas, sz. XS
Top: Johnnie B Floaty Top, sz. 13/14 yrs
Jeans: Joe Fresh for JCP, sz.4
Bag: LV Evora

Occasionally, I find a really cute piece at Boden's pre-teen/teen line, Johnnie B. I can easily fit into the larger sizes of Johnnie B, usually the sz. 13/14 year, (why do they do it by age?) but I have to be careful because of length. Many times, things end up being too short on me --story of my life.

So, so glad that Boden provides garment measurements for each and every size. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Why oh, why don't other retailers do this?!? It seems like such a simple thing to put up online. Size charts with only body measurements are completely useless, if you ask me. They don't help at all, when each garment is designed to fit differently. But with garment measurements I can know exactly how something will fit. 

Companies have those garment measurements. When you call customer service, they have them. It would prevent so, so many returns wouldn't it? It would prevent bogging down telephone or chat lines too. And people shopping would have more confidence in buying. I can't tell you the number of times I've contemplated buying something, but unsure of the fit or size I would need, I would pass up the purchase. I can honestly say, because of garment measurements being provided I have never once returned anything to Boden for sizing/fit reasons. 

Ok. Rant over. Anyway, thanks to those wonderful garment measurements, I knew this top would be long enough for me. I ordered the sz. 13-14 yr, and it fit nicely. It's a loose fit, and it's made of 100% viscose. I'm fine with the material, because I actually really like the feel and drape of viscose. Not as hot or stifling as poly. The top came in 3 prints--an orange floral, a gray bird print, and this pearl colored concert ticket print. Truthfully, I bought the ticket print shirt because it was marked down the most. But the print has really grown on me--it seems perfect for summer. Plus in shades of red and blue it's really easy to coordinate with. 

The style is the perfect airy piece for summer. It's sleeveless, but it has enough coverage and wide enough straps that I can wear any bra I want to underneath. And clearly, paired with the right things it can become work appropriate too (albeit a bit cheeky). I like Johnnie B, because you still get that unique Boden flavor at a much lower price point. I think with various sales/promos I paid around $17 for this tank. Good deal. I like it enough that I'm contemplating going back for the orange floral as well. 

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  1. I like Johnnie B. I have a fair amount of t-shirts from the line and they're really nice. I also actually really like the cotton underwear. I bought myself the 3-pack floral they have now. Sort of Liberty-like.
    I really like that shirt. It's been in and out of my cart for a bit now. Thanks for posting a review, seeing it on somebody is very helpful.

    1. I agree--shopping in the kids section is like a secret weapon or something! Usually the quality is better, since kids are so hard on clothes, and yet prices are always less!

  2. Thanks to seeing it on an actual adult person, I've now gone and ordered both pearl tickets and the grey seagull variety ....

    1. I'm tempted by the gray seagull one too! Maybe I just need the whole set!


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