Monday, February 23, 2015

Outfits of the Week: 2/5 -2/6/15 & meet Iddy Biddy!

Sweater: American Eagle | Tee: J Crew (sim) | Skirt: ASOS | Shoes: Butter | Bag: vintage LV

Top: J Crew Factory (sim) (sim petite) | Jeans: J Brand | Shoes: Nine West | Bag: Vintage LV

And without further ado, I'd like to introduce you all to Iddy Biddy!
She is a salt & pepper African Pygmy hedgehog, and was born 1/5/15. We brought her home from the breeder in San Antonio yesterday. So far she's been doing a lot of sleeping and eating--just like any baby would, I suppose.  

I'm going to try my hardest not over-saturate this space with the cuteness that is Biddy so instead, I created an Iddy Biddy instagram account for anyone interested. She's not quite photogenic just yet, as it takes hedgehogs a while to relax and get accustom to their new homes, but hopefully soon enough she'll be hamming it up. You guys--I even bought hats!  Did you know they make hats just for hedgehogs? Seriously. Little Biddy hats! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Outfits of the Week: 2/2 - 2/4/15

Sweater: J Crew Factory (sim) | Skirt: Lands End | Shoes: Hush Puppies | Bag: vintage LV

Top: J Crew Factory (sim) | Pants: J Crew | Scarf: Moschino Cheap and Chic (sim) | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Bag: vintage LV

Currently: Stressed! And I need to vent! This week is jam packed with crap to do, and not enough time to do it all!
 First off, it's Child's birthday this week, so I've been trying to plan out a little party and decorate the house. Decorations to buy, food and cake to make, party games to organize. I don't know what possessed me to do it, but I decided to make few little hedgehog things for his birthday (a card, a tee to wear for his party, and hedgehog blankets for Biddy's cage). I've had to do it secretly in the evenings after he goes to bed, because Child is super nosy and likes to snoop. We're also taking him on a weekend trip up to San Antonio to pick up his Biddy the Hedgehog, and I have yet to pack or plan out anything for that trip.

I've had long work meetings in the afternoon all week because there's some type of structural upheaval happening in our division. I know it's important and I should be physically and mentally present for them, but they have become a major time-suck this week.

And genius that I am, I scheduled exams for all of my classes last week, so I've got over 180 essay exams to grade by tomorrow too. I've been grading every night since last Thursday (even on Valentine's day!) but I'm still not done. At this point I'm so sick of grading essays, I'm contemplating making all my tests multiple choice graded by scantron from now on (it's also why I'm currently procrastinating by writing a blog post instead of more grading).

So what am I doing still sitting here? Time to get to work!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy President's Day!

I don't know......they seemed funnier last night when I was creating the post. Oh well.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Outfits of the Week: 12/10-12/12/15 Valentine's Day Week

Cardi: J Crew (sim) | Tee: J Crew Factory | Skirt: ASOS (on super sale!) | Shoes: Coach | Bag: vintage LV

Sweater: Lands End (sim) | Skirt: ASOS (currently less than $15!)| Shoes: Nine West | Bag: vintage LV

Yay! Valentine's Day outfits! On the actual Valentine's Day (rather than some random day in March, as would be my normal MO). I don't know what's gotten into me, all punctual and stuff.

I've been stocking up on some pretty fantastic midi skirts from ASOS recently. Their 70% off end-of-season sale has gotten me several times already. I have no will power.

 I've been really drawn to the flowy, longer silhouette of midi skirts lately.  Dressier than pants and more comfortable than a pencil skirt, I've been loving these for work. I think with my height (5'9"), the mid-calf length really works for me too. It's quite liberating shopping for a skirt where I don't have to scrounge around for garment measurements or worry about my cheekage showing if I bend over. #tallgirlprobelms

I know it's not a length that works for everyone, but if you're in the market for some lovely midi or skater skirts --like this bright green one, or gorgeous floral one (both of which found their way into my closet) --ASOS has some great ones on sale right now.

{Oh, and edit to add: if you're not already aware, ASOS isn't into US vanity sizing. At all. I have to take a US 6 in most of their skirts (I'm a sz.2 in J Crew).}

Monday, February 9, 2015

Outfits of the Week: 1/26 & 1/27/15 & Preparing for a New Pet!

Sweater: Lands End | Skirt: ASOS (this color is great too! And Petite!) | Heels: Nine West | Bag: vintage LV | Necklace: via eBay

Top: J Crew | Jeans: J Crew | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Bag: vintage LV

So excited for: the arrival of Child's birthday present--a hedgehog! 
                                  external image aph.jpg

We've been debating for a while now on getting a pet for him, and thought now that he's turning 8 it would be the right time to bring a pet into the family. Child quickly rejected the idea of a dog or cat because he was concerned that they would mess with his toys and knock down his block. train, and construction sets. (I totally blame this concern on him being an only child--what a goof!) 

Somehow I got hooked into a few hedgehog instagram accounts a while back (good grief, this one is cute! And Biddy the hedgehog is Child's favorite). In showing them to Child he became obsessed. All he could talk about was Biddy on Mommy's phone. Truthfully, they are damn cute. Then I made the mistake of buying him a plush toy hedgehog. That thing goes everywhere with him. It was then only a matter of time before we made the steps in getting a real one. 

And since pets are a big investment, and we're trying to teach Child big-boy  responsibility, it's going to be his birthday present. No huge party with kids, no big toys. Just the Biddy. And maybe some birthday cake. You've got to have cake at least. And yes, Child insisted that he'd be naming it after his favorite instagram hedgie. Whatever. Iddy Biddy the hedgehog is fine by me.

I've spent the past 2 months learning all I possibly could about the behavior and care of hedgehogs. I guess they can be weird sometimes--not at all like a hamster or gerbil. Tons of books, on-line forums, youtube videos.......  I worked as a veterinary assistant for many years, so I feel like I've got a little advantage when it comes to pets, but I just want to be prepared. We found a breeder near San Antonio, and have one one "hold" waiting to be weaned (should be the end of the month). Maybe I can squeeze a visit to the outlets in there.....

So I've been slowly collecting and researching foods, housing, toys, and supplies for the Biddy. I've even put my sewing skills to work in making some snuggle bags and fleece liners for the cage. The cage itself arrived this past weekend, and it took me a whole afternoon to assemble the stupid thing. 

(I don't have all the grids assembled for the cover yet, I'm still waiting on the arrival of a heat lamp,
 and there will be storage bins underneath to keep extra food and such.)

Child is clearly so very excited:

And you know what? I am too!