Thursday, August 28, 2014

OOTW: July 30th

Top: J Crew Factory | Skirt: Boden | Shoes: Lands End | Bag: Coach | Necklace: Cold Water Creek

Tee: Johnny B | Shorts: Lands End Canvas | Shoes: Saltwater Sandals | Hat: J Crew | Bag: LV Neverfull 

Currently: Driving up to Austin with the family for a University of Texas football game. Um, go Texas? ( not a sports fan!)

Will Probably: stop off at the mega-outlets in between San Antonio and Austin again on the way (including J Crew, Kate Spade, Tory Burch.....). Apparently I haven't quite bought All The Things yet. This is also how Husband bribed me into going to the football game.

So Sick of: packing. It feel like all I've done all summer is pack. I hate having my outfit selections limited to just what I've managed to throw my suitcase. And I feel such anxiety about forgetting Things. Make-up things, shower things, electronic cord things, food things (because Child and I are special snowflakes when it comes to what we eat), clothes things, Child things..... I know. Real First World problems here (hangs head in shame for complaining).

Excited That: there's no school on Monday! After the fun I'm sure we'll have over the weekend, I have a feeling I'll need Monday to recuperate.

Monday, August 25, 2014



Uniqlo is offering Free standard shipping on all orders today (no minimum!) 

They've also just released their Fall flannel line and they've got some damn cute lumberjack-chic flannel shirts for very reasonable prices:





See? Cute, right? I wants ALL THE SHIRTS


And dresses. I wants ALL THE DRESSES too.

In case you're curious as to sizing, Uniqlo lists garment measurements under each product listing's "fit guide" as well.  I ordered the sz. XS in both the flannel shirts (yes plural) and dress. 

Ok, that is all. 

OOTW: July 28th

Dress: Talbots | Bag: Coach | Shoes: Aerosoles | Necklace: Groop Dealz

Top: Boden | Jenas: J Crew Factory | Bag: Coach | Shoes: Sven Clogs c/o 

Currently: Picking out my outfits for the first week of classes. Reassure me I'm not the only one who pre-plans what they're going to wear for the week. If I didn't do that I know I'd be at least an hour late for everything. I have an over-the-door rack with 5 hooks -- one for each day of the week. I line up the shoes underneath, and hang the jewelry in pouches on the hangars too. Obsessive? Yes. On time? Always. 

Already tapped out on: packing lunches for Child. I always feel such pressure to come up with tasty yet nutritious (vegetarian) lunches he'll actually eat. I have the hardest time finding protein-packed foods that he likes, that still meet the schools 'safe foods' list (to accommodate student food allergies). My paranoid self thinks that the lunch room attendants are secretly judging me when he gets a boring cheese sandwich every day.

Just finished: a major sewing project this weekend. I made 12 new pillow covers (apparently I hoard pillows), a table runner, and curtains to update our living room. I poured over about a bazillion different fabrics online picking out the right colors, patters, and textures, and it took me  two whole days to sew everything, but I love the refreshed look of the living room now. Best part was the total cost of the update was under $70 for the fabric.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

OOTW: July 25th

(ohh, Most Perfect hair in this one! Thank-you hair gods for giving me awesome hair for a grocery run.)
Tee: J Crew | Skirt: Eddie Bauer | Sandals: Birkenstock | Bag: LV Neverfull

Top: J Crew Factory | Shorts: J Crew Factory | Shoes: Lands End | Bag: LV Neverfull 

Currently: sleepy. Very sleepy. That 6:20am back-to-school wake up call was harsh this morning. Very harsh. What sick bastard decided little kids should start school at 8am? Don't they know kids do their best learning later in the day? (Scientific fact! Honest!)

Thrilled that: the J Crew High-rise Skinny jeans in white that I ordered on a whim fit so well. There was a miss-marked promo prince a last month, and I was able to nab them for only $15! Buying jeans sight-unseen is like playing darts in the dark, but at $15 why not? They were wait-listed at the time and I honestly though I'd be receiving the dreaded "wish we had more" email. To my delight, they shipped before the wait-list date, and they fit real damn fine. Best white jeans I've ever pulled on. I took a guess and sized up to a sz.28 which is my Toothpick size (I'm normally a sz.27 in denim) and it was the right call. I want All The High-Rise Jeans now. All.

Excited (sort of) for: Labor Day weekend. Husband bought us University of Texas football tickets. I am not a football fan (I'm not really an organized sports fan in any form) but I think it will be fun for Child. Plus, I do enjoy watching the spectacle--from an entirely sociological perspective sports fans are just plain nuts. Especially UT fans. You don't mess with Texas and you certainly don't mess with their football. It should be fun times. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

OOTW: July 23rd

Dress: Boden | Necklace: GroopDealz | Shoes: Lands End | Bag: LV Neverfull

Top: J Crew Factory | Pants: J Crew | Shoes: Lands End | Necklace: (sim) Origami Owl | Bag: LV Neverfull

Currently: Gearing up for the Fall semester. This week consists of tons of department and division meetings and somewhere in there I have to squeeze in class prep!

Sad About: sending Child off to his first day of 2nd grade this week. Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday I was giving myself an ulcer about sending him to school for the first time.

Sick of: hearing that OMGitsalmostfall! People--let's live in the moment, shall we? It's August. It's still 100 degrees out. If I see one more fall fashion post on instagram, I'm going to barf. I'll start thinking about fall in late September--you know, when it's actually fall, mkay?

Feeling so good about: forcing myself to purge my closet this past weekend. Is anybody else an emotional clothes hoarder like me? I have such a hard time letting things go because of the memories attached to them. I worry that if I toss out old clothes, I'll be tossing out the memories attached to them. The weekend went something like this--
Me:  "Ohhhh.... look! This dress! I love this dress! I wore this on our 6th anniversary cruise to Europe. Remember when we had that great cappuccino on that cafe terrace overlooking Mt. Etna? I was wearing this dress then."
Husband: "I remember Mt. Etna and the cafe. Do you still wear the dress?"
Me: "Well, no. It's too small in the hips now and too big in the waist. My body fat is slowly melting downwards. Like an old mirror--wider at the bottom. I haven't worn it since the trip."
Husband: "Then why do you still have it? Sell it on ebay like your other stuff. And your body is not melting."
Me: "But I wore it at Mt. Etna! With cappuccino!"
Husband: "Think of all the cappuccinos you could buy if you sold the dress though."
Me: "I know......but......Mt. Etna......"
(insert super sad face as I reluctantly put the dress in the ebay pile.)