Friday, April 18, 2014

OOTD:3/27/14 -Put a Bow on It

Top: Boden, sz. US4
Skirt: Self-Made (fabric by Robert Kaufman)
Shoes: Lands End
Bag: LV Neverfull
Necklace: Claire's

 You can find this super easy Skirt Tutorial HERE.

I'm not usually one for overly frilly, lacey, girlie things but I do enjoy a good bow from time to time. So I thought if one bow is good, a whole skirt full of them should be great. Right? And if it just happens to be in my favorite colors all the better. 

Robert Kaufman  fabric gets me every time. I don't know if I should be embarrassed about this or not, but I'm always drawn to the fabric intended for a baby nursery and kid's room. Does this mean my aesthetic is too juvenile? I'd like to think I'm just willing to take more risk on a whimsical print when I make my own clothes because of comparatively low cost of the fabric. At $10 per skirt, if the project is a fail or ends up looking silly on me it's not a huge loss. And I guess I'm willing to risk a little silly in the name of an adorable print. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

OOTD: 3/26/14 -Old Navy as Potato Chips

Shirt: Old Navy, sz. XS
Jeans: J Crew Factory Toothpick, sz. 28
Shoes: Charles Philip Shanghai
Bag: LV Neverfull
Bracelet: Coach

I am weak.
 I've been trying really hard to stay true to my commitment of steering clear of cheap and fast fashion places like Old Navy, Forever 21, and Target this year. After paying closer attention at what type of things end up tossed, donated, or in the eBay pile has made me realize that while I love the instant gratification and quantity that places like these cater to, I should be aiming more or longevity and quality. Though, it is so, so tempting when I walk past new goodies at Target or see an email for a sale at Old Navy!   

I know my weakness is for places like this, so I've tried my hardest to avoid them.  But it's tough when you've got a little guy that outgrows his britches every 6 months. This momma is having a hard time keep up with replacing pants every few months! I've really had to rely on places like Old Navy's slim sizing for my skinny, quick growing string bean. And therein lies the problem. Old Navy is like potato chips--you can't eat just one. I can't just hit up the boy's department and then leave. I have to look around. You know, see what I can see. It all starts to snowball from there.

So.....I ended up picking up this super cute bicycle shirt from Old Navy while cruising the sale section for new spring play clothes for Child (you can't beat Old Navy's sale section for great don't-care-if-they-get-trashed-outside-in-the-mud clothes). And I may have also grabbed several nautical themed tees. And poplin pj pants. And another button down. 

Old Navy, you have won out this time, but no more! I must work to build up a stronger constitution for the future!

Monday, April 14, 2014

OOTD: 3/20/14

Top: Joe Fresh via JCP, sz. small
Skirt: Talbots Pleated Full Skirt, sz. 2
Shoes: BC Foootwear 'Winners Circle'
Scarf: Moschino
Bag: LV Neverfull

So, so glad that this is a short work week. I am beyond ready for the semester to be over. I've been suffering from a lack of energy and motivation lately. I can get still things done for work and around the house, but only what is absolutely necessary and only to the level of "good enough," which for this perfectionist is rather bothersome (though apparently not bothersome enough to step it up any). 

Since the beginning of Spring is supposed to signify a fresh start and new growth, I'm hoping the Easter Bunny will leave a big helping of motivation in my basket! (and chocolate. of course chocolate.)

Friday, April 11, 2014

OOTD: 3/19/14

Sweater: Lands End Canvas Heritage Cardi, sz. XS
Tee: Lands End, sz. XS
Pants: Joe Fresh via JCP, sz. 2
Shoes: Charles Philip Shanghai
Bag: LV Neverfull

Just pictures today folks! 
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

OOTD: 3/18/14

Sweater: J Crew Jackie, sz. small
Tee: J Crew, sz. XS
Skirt: H&M Calf-Length Skirt, sz. 6
Shoes: Butter
Bag: LV Neverfull

Oh, this pretty, pretty skirt! I feel like a graceful ballerina when wearing it, which is saying a lot considering that when I was 5, my dance teacher told my parents they should consider pulling me from dance class because "she has no natural inclination towards dance." (don't worry, it's 100% true. I trip over my own feet walking on smooth, flat surfaces. Wearing flat shoes.)

This is my first on-line purchase from H&M and it was a last minute add-on to an order I was making for my son. I had seen an add banner for H&M Kids and I was curious as to the style and quality of their kids line (I'm happy to report the kid's line is full of cute basics at reasonable prices!).
 I'm sad to report it seems this particular color of the is completely sold out now. They do still have it available in black, so I'll go ahead and share my thoughts on it:

I was worried as to sizing because I've read that H&M is definitely not vanity sized so I tried to base my size on the size chart provided. Sizing up two (eek!) sizes from my normal J Crew skirt size was the right call. The skirt sits right at my belly button and has just the right amount of flowy-ness.  For being under $35 I was very impressed with the quality. Yes it's poly, but it's a nice feeling poly. It has 3 layers--an inner lining, a middle tulle lining, and the outer chiffon layer. Even with three layers the skirt feels very light, swishy, and airy. I really like the length too. After years and years of struggling to find skirts long enough for me, I'm happily embracing the midi-length skirt trend. I know this length won't work for everyone, but if you're tall it's a dream come true. Pastel pink is not a typical color for me, but it certainly speaks to that little girl in my that still wants to be a graceful ballerina.